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Sunny Day crew loves to travel during the Summer and enjoy sunny days! Here is our experience from Summer 2023!

Burley Beach, Pinery

There is the reason why Huron is called ‘the Magnificent’. If you haven’t been there, go during the Summer and experience the real power of nature! No matter if you like adventure and waves riding, partying on the beach until the dawn, or enjoying untamed beauty alone, you will find your spot beside one of the greatest lakes in the world. Huron is a lake but it looks and behaves like a sea. Don’t leave the beaches too early, wait for 8pm to watch the most amazing sunset ever!

We explored the 100km long west Huron coast for you and picked 7 best beaches. Scroll and find all basic info you need!


Usually, people go for camping at the Pinery, but you may have a daily visit there and enjoy the Burley Beach. You will have to pay around $12-15 for a daily vehicle permit (we used the Canoo app and entered for free). Parking is close to the beach but you have to walk across the little bridge first to get there. But its more than worth it! When you get to the top of the bridge you will be surprised by an astonishing Caribeean style view to the long sandy beach and azure blue water.

Beach is wide and long and wide and there is no shadow so bring an umbrella with you. Sand is sticky but soft like a velvet due to Pinery’s rare ecosystem (famous dunes). Walk a lot and dig your feet in! However, Pinery’s dunes are home for many species of bugs and insects. At the beach you would meet them rarely but if you plan to go hiking or camping in the Provincial Park, prepare yourself in advance. If you are hungry and its Sunday, drive to the Pinery Market (at the 10163 Lakeshore road) and enjoy the local food!


If you want to feel glamorous and experience a lifestyle of a celebrity, Bayfield Beach is the right place to go. The parking is small (10-15 vehicles) but free and right next to the beach. The beach is not the best one – its tiny, narrow, and the entrance to the water is rocky. But if you don’t mind it, relax and enjoy a fantastic view ahead or walk across the mole where you may do fishing as well.

You will suddenly find yourself among rich people driving luxury classic cars and yachts. One look at the azure blue lake dotted with sailboats and you will forget that you are in Canada and think of some California bays or Mediterranean coast instead! Now it’s clear why this part of Huron lake is called the Bluewater.

When you get hungry, there is more to satisfy your refined sense. Walk or drive to Main Street and treat yourself with a meal in the restaurant’s refreshing patio (I recommend ‘Bayfield Landing’ and ‘Olio’), cappuccino and ice cream, and enjoy colours at the art galleries and clothing stores. If you are with kids, Clan Gregor Square is a nice playground zone and nearby you will find couple of food markets to stock your car for your next beach visit.

And that’s not all! Just few steps away from Main street you will find the Pioneer Park to rest from your VIP day in the shade and tranquility. Walk to the wooden fence of the park and: WOW! A million dollars view ahead!

To be continued....

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